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Discover more about Dahab Blue Hole, one of the world’smost beautiful diving sites

Discover more about Dahab Blue Hole, one of the world'smost beautiful diving sites

Egypt has been named as the world's second best diving destination for 2021 by dive magazine UK. Oneof the most important cities (when it comes to dive sites) is Dahab. Dahab has many magnificent divespots which attracts divers and tourists in general from all around the world.Dahab is a tourist resort east of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, on the Gulf of Aqaba. It is located about 60km south-east of Sharm el-Sheikh. Diving in the Blue Hole is a big draw for Dahab tourists. Other divingsites in Dahab include the three boles, the eel garden and the caves. Know more about the city ofDahab.

Dahab also has many dive centers with professional divers and padi instructors ready to give you ahelping hand or schedule or a course!Diving equipment are also sold or rented in Dahab, you don't have to bring your diving equipment whencoming to Dahab.

Dahab Blue Hole

Blue hole in Dah…

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What to do in Pattaya?

There is not only Diving in Pattaya there is so much more, in the book "99 Things to do in Pattaya" you get 99 fun things to do in Pattaya. What to do in Pattaya? Can be answered in the book below. Pattaya is a place of everlasting bliss at least many people think so.  It used to be a small fishing village up to 1960s but now it is  one of the leading tourist attractions in Thailand, two hours from Bangkok and one from Thailand’s National Airport. First The Americans made boom in Pattaya, after them , the British and Scandinavians took over and later Germans, French and Swiss came. Russians are the last who came and they made a real invasion. They are the fastest growing inhabitants in Pattaya now. Many bars offer Russian cuisine , shops have Russian names, even City Hall is offering free Russian language lessons. Pattaya had influence on Arabs and Indians tourist, but not for a long time and they keep for themselves. After the big flood in Bangkok and North Thailand many Tha…
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